12 Angry Jurors, spring play a success


The OHS drama department surprised the audience one last time with 12 Angry Jurors as their spring play. The three day showing of the spring play occurred on March 1-3 at 7:00 p.m. in the OHS drama center.

The 12 Angry Jurors created a new situation for the actors; the actors stayed on the stage for the whole play. The play was about a hung jury debating a murder case between a father and son.

“It was certainly a different experience when we found out that there was only one entrance and exit to the stage at the beginning and the end of the show. I am sure many of us felt uneasy since subconsciously we knew that there were eyes on us at all times. But, once you get into the moment and you know your lines by heart you barely notice the crowd or the fatigue that comes along with being on the stage the whole time,” actress Dariya Kucheryaba (12) said.

12 Angry Jurors was was chosen for many reasons including that through many aspects of the play, the audience could relate everyday life to.

“It really focused on what perspective you can look at with when looking at a situation,” student director Emily Miller (12) said.

Overall the spring play was an immense success because of the hard work of all the cast and crew.

“We really tried hard on it and it was a joy to see it pay off. It was a new experience that brought a lot of fun despite the obstacles we faced,” Kucheryaba said.