New group teaching style exercised in classrooms


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Ms. Samantha Bhambri and Mr. Brent Wildhaber working together during Kagan training over the summer.

Kagan, a three day voluntary training, was held over the summer for all teachers that were interested in a new structure of teaching. The 76 Oakville teachers who attended are applying this style into their classroom.

The goal of Kagan is to receive group participation from all students. Kagan uses class and team building activities to help build leadership and communication skills.

AP Biology teacher Ms. Laura Thomas is involved in this popular style of teaching. She uses an activity called inside-outside circle to apply Kagan.

Thomas said, “If used correctly, it will increase student involvement.” She later stated that it has helped in her classroom by increasing understanding during reviewing.

Similarly, Principal Jan Kellerman felt the same way about Kagan.

“When Kagan structures are done correctly there is definitely engagement. At any one time at least 50 percent of students are engaged depending on the specific structure being used, and in some cases it is 100 percent engaged.” Kellerman said.

This new change in the classroom has brought a positive impact to many students.

Tony Rask (12) said, “The new activities help because they allow you to work collaboratively with your friends and classmates.”

According to many, the overall outcome of Kagan so far has been very beneficial for the teachers and their students. On Oct. 24 and 25 the Kagan trainer will visit Oakville to check on the teachers that are trying out his tips.