MADS about the dinner theatre


With their hands on their cheeks, Jacob Paule (12), Antonio Brnjic (12), abd Eric Throm (10) dance during rehearsal for the Madrigal singers’ annual dinner theatre.

After a surprise ice storm cancelled the Madrigal Choir’s annual Dinner Theatre on Friday Jan 16, there was some disappointment throughout the choir.

The cancellation was especially hard after having a successful show on Thursday Jan 15, “The Thursday night showing of the play was a huge success. I believe that it was the best performance I have been in throughout the four years that I have done the play. It made me incredibly excited to perform on Friday, before it was sadly cancelled,” Alec Lininger (12) said.

Although the Friday night show was cancelled, as they say in theatre, the show must go on!

The MADS Dinner Theatre was rescheduled for Friday (Jan 6). The sold out show still took place in the Oakville Drama Center and started at 7 pm. This is a rare event for the MADS Choir because when the show was cancelled in past years, it was not rescheduled.

Some cast members were a little worried for the rescheduled show, especially with the snow that came on Jan 5, “It was a little nerve wracking knowing that the weather could cancel our show again,” Jaime Meier (12) said.

Fortunately, the weather did not cancel the show and MADS Choir had another successful Dinner Theatre performance!