Emma Miller (11): Q & A


Smiling towards the audience, Emma Miller (11) performs with the Golden Girls at their fundraising event, Breakfast with Santa.

Emma Miller (11) currently dances for the varsity Golden Girls squad. Next year she plans to quit Golden Girls and peruse her training in musical theater. Good luck to Miller and her future endeavors!

1.When did you first become a Muny kid?
“I started when I was nine years old.”

2. What Muny shows have you performed in?
“I’ve performed in probably about 15 different shows throughout the years. My first show was Annie in 2009 and then everything just progressed from there.”

3. What are some of your favorite shows that you have been in?
“Last summer I was in 42nd Street and that was a lot of fun because we got to dance with “The Equity”, which is the adults, and we were treated just like them. We got to dance with them the whole time and that’s probably the show that I’ve got to do the most in. Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat was also really fun because we were literally in the whole show.”

4. What do you do as a Muny kid?
“I’m in the touring troupe, so as a kid I would go around places in St. Louis and perform. We would go to some nursing homes, we performed at the zoo a lot- just random places around St. Louis. For each show at the Muny we would perform two times per that show. There are seven shows, so we would perform 14 times throughout the summer. Now that I’m a teen we only perform at the Muny, we don’t really travel anymore.”

5. What is your schedule like?
“Our schedule doesn’t really start until the summer, we start rehearsals in May. I’m down there almost everyday, all night.”

6. Do you plan on continuing with dance/theatre in the future?
“Yes, I want to major in it in college and continue that throughout my life-maybe not performing my whole life, but (continuing) on with things like choreographing.”

7. What lessons have you taken away from being a Muny kid?
“I’ve learned that you’re going to be best at the things that you love doing rather than doing things that you don’t enjoy, so you might as well pursue (the things you love).”