Drama produces murder mystery


Katie Counts

Rehearsing from the fall play, Taylor Zapf (11) and Allison Harvey (11) gave in shock at the “murder announcement” in the newspaper.

“A Murder is Announced,” this year’s fall play, is going on this week (Nov. 16-18) in the OHS Drama Center. The students, both cast and crew, have been working on the play since early September, putting in approximately 60 hours of work each to prepare.

“A Murder is Announced” is much different from many of the plays OHS has done in the past because it has a lot of deep character development.

“It’s a very dialogue-heavy show,” said student director, Emily Miller (12), “and with that, you need to have a very strong connection to your character.”

One obstacle the students have had to deal with throughout the production is the doors. The door knobs in the set are springs, not real doorknobs. Because of this, the cast has to remember to turn the doorknobs each way.

During one of the blackout scenes in the first performance on Nov. 16, as everyone was coming through the door, the hinges popped off of the wall. Miller (12) had to hold the door until intermission when she and technical director, Lauren Roberts (12), repaired the broken door.

Tickets can be bought for $5 at the doors, which open at 6:30.