Journalism receives national honors


OHS received eight honors from the JEA national convention plus a Best of Show award for Channel 97 news.

Jaime Meier, profiles editor

The OHS journalism program received high honors at the JEA national convention in Indianapolis, IN. Twenty-five students attended the convention, and eight were recognized in write-off competitions.

Students went sightseeing, conquered the Escape Room, toured Indy Motor Speedway, shopped at the mall, and even executed the popular “Mannequin Challenge.” The main attraction, however, was the journalism sessions and write-off competitions from Nov. 10 – 12.

Three students earned Excellent ratings during their write-off competitions: Veronica Mohesky (12) for Broadcast Commentary, Katie Counts (12) for Feature Writing, and Abby Ludwig (12) for Yearbook Copy and Captions: Sports. Five students received honorable mentions: Rachel Eschbacher (12) for Yearbook Copy and Captions: Student Life, Anna Gordon (12) for Yearbook Copy and Captions: Academics, Sierra Hunter (12) for Newswriting, Maddy Saake (12) Yearbook Copy and Captions: Clubs, and Mckenzie Knapp (11) for Editorial Writing. Only one other St. Louis school brought home more individual awards than OHS.

“Last year it was my first time competing, since it was my first year in Yearbook,” Ludwig said. “But this year I knew what I was doing. I was more confident (this year), and it really paid off. It really speaks volumes about our journalism program, since eight of us were given national recognition.”

That wasn’t the only recognition OHS received, however. “Eyes of the Tigers: Channel 97 News” was one of 10 school broadcasts to be chosen nationwide to earn Best of Show Honors. The OHS broadcast program has earned four Best of Show Honors in its time airing. This was the first time that the program had received this honor since 2012.

“I’m very proud of what our students have been able to do,” Journalism advisor Jeff Kuchno said. “…I feel blessed to be able to work with so many talented students, and it’s thrilling to see them get recognized for their work.”