NHS homeless for the night

NHS has been doing something extra this holiday season. Instead of only collecting winter apparel for the homeless, the group tried to emulate the lives of the homeless.

The original plan called for volunteers to stand outside the entrances by the main office and Gym A before a basketball game, enduring the cold in shorts and t-shirts on Tues, Dec. 13. The volunteers would only get to wear coats donated to them during their 15-minute shifts. But when temperatures sunk to the low thirties, the rule was changed, as committee leader Sam Mahacek (12) was afraid that the students would get sick. Therefore, volunteers were allowed to wear long sleeves, pants, and coats.

Even with the longer layers, “It was really, really cold,” Heather Ludwig (11) said. “I kind of forgot to bring warm clothing, so I was in like a really light jacket and jeans, so it was kind of terrible for a while.”

The fundraiser supplied more than just coats; it supplied a new basis of understanding, as the volunteers learned an important lesson from the “homeless” experience.

“People have it really hard sometimes. I could barely stand it being out there for 15 minutes, and they’re out there for days on end. It really gives you a perspective of how much people really need help. You should do good for other people,” Ludwig said.

The winter apparel was donated to the Kurt Warner Foundation, who will give the coats to homeless people around St. Louis City.

There is still more people can do, though. “(People) should definitely look through their closets… (and) really pick anything- not only winter coats, but really anything they have. I’m sure everyone has something that they can get rid of,” Abby Deru (12) said.

As the time of gift giving and receiving draws near, NHS reminds everyone to give a little extra this year.