Students on the GO!

For the third year in a row, Bill Ebert, social sciences teacher, and Laura Bishop, health and physical education teacher, have organized a running program, Students on the Go, allowing students to participate in the annual Go St. Louis half marathon.

Ebert and Bishop were able to set up a training schedule for students looking to participate. The schedule serves to help the students progress moderately and sufficiently. Training is after school every school day excluding Friday.

“[The schedule] will help them for their endurance over the long time. The training itself is the hard part. The running is the fun part,” Ebert said. “They have to reach their total goal of miles or minutes no matter how many days it takes which will help them last it in the race.”

Training started Nov. 28 with a timed mile run but will progress in mile and time increments up to 13.1 miles. The students also have training runs with teenagers from other St. Louis county schools on Saturday mornings at Forest Park starting Jan. 29, 2017.

Near the end of the training, the students will receive a pair of running shoes donated to them by local shoe stores and a jacket with the Go St. Louis logo.

“The value (of running is) exercise, good health and running with these groups of people is a good social aspect. Also goal setting and reaching a goal,” Ebert said.

The running program is independent from winter sports and works with students involved in other activities.

“Very few people [involved in the program are involved in other winter sports] but they will have to monitor their miles and their times that i will oversee. It is a honor system,” Ebert said.

The amount of student runners this year is 45 compared to last years number of 52. The half marathon takes place downtown on April 9, 2017.