Sydney Stern

Sydney Stern, news editor

I dream of the ability to pick up and go, to travel and experience the world in all aspects. I dream of going to cities I’ve only ever heard of and meeting people I’ve never met. I dream of living a life that keeps me moving and I want to observe the world from all angles. My desire to move sparked my interest in running which led me to being on the OHS varsity track team. I work hard for the ability to travel and imagine new adventures every week. No matter where my traveling ends, I am most certain I need to live near a Waffle House because it is my go-to destination at any time of the day.
I would consider myself to have an old school style and I love listening to old vinyl records and taking pictures with my old polaroid camera. My friends and I always have a good time traveling and being ourselves, even if we are a little different than the average midwestern teenagers.

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Sydney Stern