Drama goes in new direction for spring play

For the 2016 Spring Play, the OHS drama department is setting aside their humorous plays for a chance to portray tear-jerking stories from the Holocaust. I Never Saw Another Butterfly shows the story of the Holocaust through a family that experiences both love and loss.

“Drama normally does light-hearted child play; this is about the Holocaust which is very deep, very sad,” said student director Emily Miller (11).

Many of the actors have already begun to get wrapped up in their characters actions and mindset. The dramatic setting set for them has put them back a century left to realize what those living in the Holocaust had to deal with.

“Just reading through it, I already began to tear up,” Miller states. She also mentions that she feels as though this will be a huge step forward for the theater department.

The lead role will be played by Taylor Zaph (10) accompanied by Tad Bast (10), Sophia Indelicato (10), Haley Miller (9), and Caden Turner (9) acting as children, Colin Chapman (11) as the rabbi, Jacque Dreppard (12) as Renka, Mark Fogle (11) as Honza, Joel Hahn (11) as the father, Allison Harvey (10) as Erika, Louis Luong (10) as Pavel, Kerri McFarland (10) as Irca, Veronica Mohesky (11) as Irena, Emma Reinagle (10) as the mother, and Isabelle Zurcher (10) as Vera.

The spring play will be performed for the audience of OHS on March 9, 10, and 11.