Project Now, political science club organizes human rights fundraiser

OHS Political Science Club will be conducting a variety of fundraisers throughout the month of November for two human rights organizations, UNICEF and Hope for Justice, which they intend to call “Project Now”.

The organization’s’ main goal is to provide support for people who have suffered through tragic acid attacks or child slavery. They assess the situation and try to get the child out of slavery and into an education. They also donate money to the families to help them out with various issues they have to go through. Club President Sohrab Azad (12) named OHS’s contribution to these organizations “Project Now.”
The organizations were chosen out of need, credibility, and efforts put forth to help others.

“We set committees aside of child slavery, genocide, acid attacks, and LGBT issues. We told them look up charities and see which ones appear most honest,” Azad said. “It was the members that played a really big part in deciding.”

Azad has been head of the fundraiser planning and created the schedule of places and dates.

“We are basically going to set up fundraiser nights at Smoothie King, Orange Leaf, or any other local restaurants where we can boost up the money whether it’s selling pretzel during lunch or donating,” Azad said.

The Political Science Club is hoping the turnouts for the fundraisers consist of larger numbers.

“We are expecting huge numbers. We are going to put a lot of posters up around the school. It’s basically for awareness and anyone who feels the need to help should absolutely come,” Azad said.

With the club just getting on its feet, club sponsor Kara Beck, an OHS social studies teacher, is proud of the students’ effort to create and operate such a fundraiser for a worthwhile cause.