Library implements new sign in program


Caroline Roah (11) checks into the library on May 16.

Thanks to a suggestion from the OHS leadership class, the library has implemented a new sign in/ sign out system making it easier for teachers to track their students during travel time.

The Leadership class investigated how teachers are able to keep track of their students when they travel. The group looked into how other schools handle similar situations and found Lindbergh and Francis Howell use a computer form that is shared with all teachers in the building. They contacted Mrs. Jan Kellerman, OHS principal, with a similar proposition and she passed it on to Mrs. Sandy Henthorn, OHS librarian.

“I was in contact with Francis Howell to see how they set up the form and then used google forms to create our own,” Henthorn said. It was then set up at the entrance of the OHS library.

Henthorn also said that she was expecting more resistance from students, but they seem to enjoy the technological update almost as much as the principals.

So far teachers have not shown much feedback due to the recent sharing, but students seem to enjoy the update with the exception of time delay. It takes about five minutes longer to get into the library than normal because of long lines.

Administration hopes to expand the library’s use of the google form into other locations of the school such as the nurse’s room and the office.

“We will still use passes for accountability purposes, but this new system is much more efficient for teachers,” Henthorn said.

In the hopes that teachers use the new sign in/ sign out, it will eventually serve as the foundation for the systems expansion building wide, making it easier to locate a student’s whereabouts.