Tennis loses against Parkway South


The OHS boys tennis team lost 0-9 on Wednesday, April 27 at a home game against Parkway South.

“It’s going to be a challenging match for the boys. This is a good program, Parkway South, but we are up for the challenge,” Mr. Bill Ebert, tennis coach, said just before the match started.

Four varsity doubles games were played followed by six singles.

“I am hopeful singles will go better,” Tyler Rodriguez (11) said after losing the doubles match 0-8.

OHS ended up losing against Parkway South with an ending score 0-9. However, Ebert was proud of the team’s enthusiasm to keep going.

“I thought they did very well because they played a very good program that had one of the top players in the state but they competed and did their best,” Ebert said.