Cookies, cocoa, and cramming

For the second year in a row, Student Council is hosting a Cookies, Cocoa, and Cramming session on Dec. 15 in the cafeteria. Cookies and cocoa will be accompanied by a chance to study with friends and teachers for finals.

Students are welcome to attend for additional help with studying for finals and reassurance that they know the material they have been taught throughout the year. Teachers from all subjects are being asked to attend. The student council members that attend will also receive ten points toward their 50 point semester requirement.

“I hope [ the students ] can get answers to many of their questions,” Student Council Sponsor and math teacher, Kelly Roberts says.

Eleven teachers, as of two weeks before the event, have informed student council that they will be attending to offer students help on class reviews or making sure that they understand the information.

“Hopefully this will help the students be able to get good grades on their finals,” Roberts says.

Last year’s attendance was nearly 50 people, and Student Council plans for the same amount or more.

Roberts says that the biggest challenge will be bringing enough cookies for everyone.