Track team starts workouts to prepare for the season

Just as basketball workouts were kicking off, varsity runner for the OHS track team, Favor Oparaji (12) wanted to let her spring sport, track and field, have the same opportunity.

Never before has track and field been able to get approval by coaches or organize themselves in such a way that enough people would be willing to participate.

“People kept complaining how all of the other spring sports have workouts and how track doesn’t,” Oparaji said.

After talking to Laura Bishop, Tommy Gayfield, and Becky Czuppon, Oparaji was finally able to get track workouts approved and recruit a small group of people willing to participate.

Oparaji created the workout plan. The training includes abdominal work, cardio, and weightlifting. It is entirely run by students who want to do their best in this upcoming season.

“Bishop has basketball and the other coaches were busy. There is really no one else,” Oparaji said.

With workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, every former track member has been asked to participate. At first only six or seven people were attending but as the weeks progress, more runners are joining in on the workouts.

With winter workouts now set in place, the OHS track team is expected to be better than ever before.