The turf field consists of mainly black rubber pellets, which conceal the green fibers on the field.

Turf troubles OHS

Nicole Neher, editor in chief September 23, 2016

It’s no surprise that the OHS football field has just about reached its expiration date. According to, a football field needs to have its artificial turf replaced every five...

The old sign (right) is removed as the new sign (left) is installed.

Same school, new sign

Johanna Carrigan, reporter April 11, 2016

There was a new addition to OHS during spring break that might change the way people in the community learn about the school. A marquee sign was installed while OHS was out of session. The old sign...

Track team starts workouts to prepare for the season

Sydney Stern, news editor December 11, 2015

Just as basketball workouts were kicking off, varsity runner for the OHS track team, Favor Oparaji (12) wanted to let her spring sport, track and field, have the same opportunity. Never before has track...

Santa gets a little extra help from DECA this year

Jess Roderick , Reporter December 20, 2013

Throughout the month of December, personalized letters from “Santa” are being made by DECA members for children around the Oakville community for just $7. The letters from santa idea was presented...

OHS althetes leave their paw prints behind

OHS althetes leave their paw prints behind

Marisa Hutch , Reporter September 11, 2013

This year at OHS the varsity cheerleaders are selling Paw Prints to all athletes, band and choir members to benefit the varsity cheerleading fund. The idea for Paw Prints sprouted one day when cheer coach...

And Toby the tiger is...

And Toby the tiger is…

Tina Haberberger, Editor-in-Chief May 20, 2013

Last week, OHS held mascot tryouts for Toby the Tiger for the first time.   In the past, OHS did not hold tryouts for the mascot. Typically, a few different people would request to be the mascot...

Twitter take over Oakville

Twitter take over Oakville

Amanda Schlaker , reporter March 8, 2013

Students have found an interest in Twitter, where people can easily post and update their followers. The teachers at OHS have seen the interest and are responding by joining Twitter. Coaches like Mr....

Pumpkin guessing games: Czuppon and grade execs create a new way to give back

Pumpkin guessing games: Czuppon and grade execs create a new way to give back

Mikayla Putz, Entertainment Editor November 3, 2011

What’s orange, huge, and weighs a lot? A giant pumpkin. Here at OHS we had one located in the cafeteria, but the reason it was there is worth much more then its weight. At lunch last week students...

Czuppon receives prestigious honor

Czuppon receives prestigious honor

Kayla Polka, Reporter September 16, 2011

OHS athletic and activities director Mrs. Becky Czuppon has recently achieved a prestigious honor by becoming an addition to the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA), an...

Seniors are given new rights

Seniors are given new rights

Ciera McNabb, Editor September 2, 2011

New privileges have been granted to all of the seniors that show academic achievement and good behavior throughout their four years at OHS. For the first time, the class of ‘12 will be given new rights...

Crunch Time: New vending machines give OHS students choices.

Crunch Time: New vending machines give OHS students choices.

Courtney Kluge, Editor September 2, 2011

When the students of OHS walked into the school commons on August 17, the futuristic looking vending machines were the first thing that caught their eye. In previous years, the old vending machines...

Freshman Orientation: Incoming students learn about “Our House”

Freshman Orientation: Incoming students learn about “Our House”

Jamie Powers, Reporter September 2, 2011

OHS Freshmen Orientation was August 11 from 7:30-11 am, and the procedure was a little different this time. Every year, Freshmen are assigned a specific day during the summer to come up to school and...

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