Turf troubles OHS


Dominique Robinson

The turf field consists of mainly black rubber pellets, which conceal the green fibers on the field.

It’s no surprise that the OHS football field has just about reached its expiration date.

According to homeguides.sfgate.com, a football field needs to have its artificial turf replaced every five to ten years. If not replaced, the field loses the integrity of its surface and its shock-absorbing properties. The OHS turf was first put down in 2007, making it nearly ten years old.

“We are at the ten year mark for sure,” said OHS activities director, Mrs. Becky Czuppon. “And we really could’ve used a new one two years ago.”

When the school bought the football field, the company they purchased it from claimed that the field required no maintenance. The school did not possess the proper equipment for grooming the turf and that sped up its decay.

“Nothing is maintenance free,” said Czuppon. “That’s like buying a car and saying you never have to do anything to it again, but we all know you have to put gas in it.”

The field’s green fibers have also contributed to its deterioration. The fibers get laid over on their side, the sun bakes them, and then they chip off. The field is now more black than green.

“I think it’s more appearance than anything,” said head varsity football coach Arlee Conners. “If you compare it to other facilities, especially Fox and Seckman, ours is way overdue.”

According to the athletics office, the school hopes to replace the field by the summer of 2018.