Twitter take over Oakville

Twitter take over Oakville

Here is Mr. Schoenfeldt’s Twitter home page

Students have found an interest in Twitter, where people can easily post and update their followers. The teachers at OHS have seen the interest and are responding by joining Twitter.

Coaches like Mr. Dan Schoenfeldt and Mr. Rich Sturm, and even Ms. Becky Czuppon, the athletic director, have put themselves on Twitter. The coaches wanted an easy way to update their fans and athletes by sending a tweet about the change of practice or meet, the schedule, how the team is doing, and about other events. Twitter was the easiest way to do that, besides emailing the parents. However with sending the emails, only the parents and athletes knew what was going on, not the fans. Twitter allowed the fans, parents, and athletes to know. Also when the team has a big win, Czuppon lets the Twitter world know. So if a student that follows Czuppon couldn’t make a game but wanted to know how the team did, the students could try and check Twitter to see if the coach or Czuppon mentioned it.

“It is useful that you can access it from your phone, and you don’t need to track down a computer, like you would need for an email. I can easily inform everyone interested in Oakville Athletics,” Schoenfeldt said.

Teachers, like Mr. John Souris,  are using the website to give their students new information that may help your homework. For example, Souris’ AP Statistics class had a test on a Thursday and got a review a few days before the test. Many of the students were doing the packet and wondered if their answers were right. So, Souris posted the answers to Twitter, and the students could take that post and compare the answers. Also, the teachers can post interesting sites that may interest the students in the class or help them with the homework. On the other hand, any teachers with numbers down for next year may promote their class through the website, since so many of the students are on Twitter.

“Many students last year told me that if I really wanted to have direct communication, I needed to join Twitter. After I saw Dr. Knost and Czuppon join Twitter, I went on and joined, so I can tweet things that may interest my students,” Souris said.