Same school, new sign


The old sign (right) is removed as the new sign (left) is installed.

There was a new addition to OHS during spring break that might change the way people in the community learn about the school.

A marquee sign was installed while OHS was out of session. The old sign was over 20 years old, therefore administration thought it was time for an update.

“It [the old sign] was old-fashioned and something that we needed,” Ms. Becky Czuppon, athletic director, said.

Funds for the sign came from leftover money in the activity accounts of the classes of 2014 and 2015. This money is left over from school dances and fundraisers and does not come out of a school budget.

“It’s funds that are totally fundraised by the kids,” Czuppon said.

The new sign allows the school to announce many different things, like games and congratulations to students, at once to the public. The old sign was a letter sign and was difficult to have more than one announcement on it. With the new sign, many different announcements and recognitions can be shown due to its digital screen.

“It’s a nice, appropriate way to talk about the things we are doing here,” Czuppon said.