Crunch Time: New vending machines give OHS students choices.

Crunch Time: New vending machines give OHS students choices.

The Art of Decision Making: Austin Dressel (9), Dakota Oldham (9), and Michael Biri (9) look at all the options to choose from in the school’s new vending machines.

When the students of OHS walked into the school commons on August 17, the futuristic looking vending machines were the first thing that caught their eye.

In previous years, the old vending machines have been known to steal dollar bills, hold on to potato chip bags, and just not work. With new shiny objects being very rare at OHS, many people are questioning how and where the new machines came from.
“Periodically,” OHS Activities Director Becky Czuppon states, “[OHS] puts out bids to see what company gives us the best deal. This new company, Dynamic, offered us a better deal than the old company.”

These vending machines are top notch with a fancy interior, sharp exterior, and a favorite of all the students, a credit card reader!

“I used my credit card and it was so easy!” Junior Ronni Marts says. “I didn’t have to worry about the change.”
Aside from the machine itself, the snacks it contains are also something new that were not in the old vending machines, such as Snicker bars and Famous Amos cookies.

“The Department of Education Secondary/ Elementary have guidelines that we have to stay within. What is in there now is within those guidelines,” says Czuppon.
According to comments from students around OHS like Chelsea Valle (11) who says “[the new vending machines] have changed my life forever,” and Alec Wallingsford (9), “They remind me of something you would see in Zenon!”, it is safe to say the new vending machines are a hit!