Seniors are given new rights

Seniors are given new rights

Quad Squad: Senior group enjoys open ANP to work on homework in the quad.

New privileges have been granted to all of the seniors that show academic achievement and good behavior throughout their four years at OHS.

For the first time, the class of ‘12 will be given new rights that include: 11 Friday off campus lunches, open ANP (academic networking period) travel without a blue pass, and the chance to hang out in the senior zone.

The senior zone is located in the commons, the junior hallway, the senior hallway, the quad, gym B, and the cafeteria. At all of these locations, students will be free to use their cell phone and spend time with friends.

For these privileges to apply, students must maintain at least a 3.5 G.P.A, no ISS (in school suspension) or OSS (out of school suspension), and no grade below a “C” on their present or previous report cards.

Students must always wear their lanyard with their identification whenever they are traveling and should not give it to other students to use. Also, students must return on time from their off campus lunch or will be given a tardy.

“The senior privileges are saying that you are a good student and should be rewarded,” Czuppon said.