French Club aids Doctors Without Borders

For four years, OHS French Club and French Honors Society have been teaming up with doctors without borders to make a difference.

Doctors Without Borders is an international foundation started in France. The organization is a coalition consisting of doctors and nurses that travel to war-torn countries and help people in need, whether it be poverty, unsanitary conditions, or disease. They provide free medical care and clean drinking water for those who cannot afford it or cannot get to areas that provide adequate care.

OHS has been able to unite together and raise money to help the organization out in whatever means necessary. Ms. Keri Wilson, French teacher, has been the sponsor throughout the process and is also the one who started the fundraiser.

“I’m glad that we have been able to have a successful drive and every year we have been able to raise a little bit more,” Wilson says.

Wilson first found out about the organization from a magazine in the mail years ago and saw how it could be integrated into the students’ lives.

Currently, French Club and French Honors Society are running the fundraiser and are going around during all lunches to collect donations and pass out flyers for students who wish to purchase shirts. T-shirts cost $15 for short sleeves and $20 for long sleeves. This year’s t-shirt theme is Harry Potter and will feature a quote from the books. All proceeds will go directly to Doctors Without Borders.

The fundraiser was supposed to conclude on March 3, but will continue on through March 11 due to an off-day on Friday.