Kindergarteners teach high school drama


Jacque Dreppard

Drama students interact with the subjects of their study.

Wohlwend Elementary welcomed the OHS drama department on Oct. 22 for an entertaining learning experience.

The students participating in this year’s fall play took a field trip during ANP to observe kindergarteners behaviors and learn how they interact. They ventured all the way down to Wohlwend Elementary where they performed for the kindergarteners in Stephanie Willett and Elen Gedor’s  classes.

Starting off the day with a skit from their fall play, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned In Kindergarten”, the drama department showed off their skills and enjoyed the children’s responses.

Dr. Tretter Larkin, head of the musical department, says that this is a great real life experience for both the high schoolers and the kindergarteners. “It gives the high schoolers a chance to look back and remember what kindergarten was really like,” she states.

The drama students finished off the day with interactive games and activities such as “Coke or Pepsi?” and a version of charades.

“It was a great opportunity,” Joel Hahn (11) says, thinking about what a wonderful time he had, “I would definitely come back.”