Mock car crash


For the first time in three years, juniors and seniors were given the opportunity to see the traditional mock car crash during Academic Network Period on Friday, May 12.

Drama students played the roles of teenagers involved in a serious car crash. They did this while first responders (firefighters, police, paramedics, etc.) worked the scene.

“It became a point where it wasn’t acting,” said Emily Miller (12), who had perhaps the most visible role in the performance. “It became very real.”

Drama Troupe officers teamed up with SADD to showcase this event. The mock car crash is normally held every two years right before prom to show the dangers of drunk driving and texting and driving.

“I saw the one (from three years ago) and it wasn’t as dramatic as this year,” Amber Cannon (12) said.

Last year the school did not have the car crash, but instead brought in simulators: one for drinking and driving and one for texting and driving. Many students felt the simulators were not as effective as the mock car crash.

“The fact that kids from our school acted in it and the police and fire departments treated it like a real crash made it much more real and eye opening than doing a virtual simulation,” Carly Buecker (12) said.

Overall, the mock car crash gave upperclassmen a different outlook on driving under the influence and texting while driving.