OHS prepares for Suicide Awareness Week


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Ms. Leah Black works with a student to plan Suicide Awareness Week on Oct. 20 during ANP.

After a recent OHS graduate died from an apparent suicide earlier this fall, the guidance department decided there was a need for suicide awareness at OHS.

Leah Black, social worker for OHS, planned activities for Suicide Awareness week (October 23-27). In addition to activities, students will be greeted by a video that goes with the theme of the day.

“If we can help even one person, this will be worth it,” Mrs. Black said.

She was surprised at the enthusiasm that the students’ had as well as their creative ideas. Students who were interested in the topic helped Mrs. Black get all the ideas ready for the week.

To start off the week, (Monday Oct. 23), students will have the opportunity to say who they stand for on whiteboards before school and during lunch in the commons. Students will stand for people who they know are affected by depression or someone who makes them feel strong.

Tuesday’s theme is “what if it’s you.” For students that would like to relieve stress, there will be an activity after school for students to participate in a yoga video in the multi purpose room.

Wednesday’s theme is “what if it is someone you know.” Students will have an anonymous box at a table in the commons for students to put their thoughts/concerns in. There will be a video over how you handle friends that are depressed or suicidal.

Thursday’s theme is “resources and crisis numbers.” In which students of OHS will create a list of peers in order to be supportive for struggling students. There will be a video over a story about an adult who thought suicide was his only/best option.

To end the week, Fridays theme is “kindness.” Students who had an interest in this topic decided to write on a posted note a kind thing to every student in this school. The posted notes will be delivered to the teachers during anp.

“My hope is that through the personal stories and information we will bring awareness and hope to others.” Mrs. Black said.