Expanded choir program performs Fall concert


Rachel Delgado

Singing “Wana Baraka”, Nathan Gallop (11), Caden Turner (11), and Thomas Schartner (10) perform with Concert Choir Mixed at its annual Fall Concert on Nov. 2.

The choir program had its yearly fall concert on Nov. 2. The concert included performances by the five choirs (Concert Choir Treble, Women’s Chamber Choir, Chorale, Madrigal Singers, and Concert Choir Mixed) along with solos performed by Olivia Novak (11) and Madison Sheppard (12).

The choirs have been working with returning and new members since the beginning of this year to prepare their songs.

“There is a lot of new people in choir this year so I think they really stepped up and pulled their weight and made it the best concert it could have been,” Madrigal and CCM singer Louis Luong (12) said.

The choirs sang a total of 13 songs, six of them being in different languages such as Hebrew.

“When I first heard the song, Hosanna in Excelsis, we all thought it was going to be difficult to learn a song in a different language,” CCM singer Iyanna Robinson (11) said. “But we learned the song in sectionals and then sang it together. I thought we all sounded great together.”