New faces shine in English department


Photo courtesey of Holborow

New english teachers Matthew Holborow, Katie Wolf, Amy Crean, and Natalie Jeney show off their Eclipse wear on Aug. 21 on the OHS football field.

The English Language Arts department at OHS has several new faces this year. There are four new teachers—Ms. Katie Wolf, Ms. Natalie Jeney, Mrs. Amy Crean, and Mr. Matthew Holborow.

Ms. Wolf teaches Honors English I, English II, Honors English II, and English III. She has taught in Illinois as well as China. She came to OHS because of budget cuts at her last school and saw that her job was in jeopardy.

“Oakville is a place where students and staff can enjoy school and that is different,” said Ms. Wolf.

When Ms. Wolf started looking in the St. Louis area last year and interviewed at OHS, she thought that it was a good match for her. She is happy to be teaching here and excited for this school year.

When Ms. Wolf taught in China, she was forced to relinquish control of many things. “It was hard to adapt and I had to do it fast,” she said.

Mrs. Crean has lived in the Oakville area for four years. She has been teaching for seven years and this is her first year teaching at OHS and she can’t wait to make new memories.

“This is my home,” said Mrs. Crean, “I like the block schedule and the students even more. Being at Oakville has given me many professional opportunities.”

Ms. Jeney has been teaching as a substitute for three years and this is her first year teaching full time at OHS. She is now teaching English II and English III.

“I loved the environment for the teachers as well as for the students, and I knew that this is where I wanted to be,” Ms. Jeney said.

Mr. Holborow was a substitute at OHS from Fall of 2014 and now has a full time job teaching 9th and 12th grade English. He is very happy to teach students and see them succeed in life.

“I was thoroughly impressed with the atmosphere here at the Mehlville School District and specifically OHS,” said Mr. Holborow. “I really like everything about OHS. The staff, the students, the generally positive atmosphere —everything just feels right.”

According to English Language Arts instructor and department chair Mrs. Christy Mathews, the department has been handling everything pretty well.

“The department as a whole is quite collaborative,” said Mrs. Matthews. “Teachers who taught the same courses have been sharing lessons and plans and have been co-planning with the new staff.”