New mural promotes student legacy


Kyle Genthon

The mural welcomes visitors into the school in the front foyer.

What will be your legacy?

That question is displayed on the recent mural on the outside wall of the counseling office. This mural comes at a time when most students are thinking of what their legacy will be. With the words “athletics,” “education,” and “careers” featured on the mural, the question arises “What does the mural symbolize?”.

“There’s a couple reasons to the mural, one of them being to make the guidance office be more visible to the general student population,” said Mr. Steve King, the college and career counselor. “We want students to see the counseling office as a helpful place and realize that we’re preparing them for life after high school.”

The mural is in the front foyer of the school, where students are able to see it any point of the day. Being in the foyer, the mural sticks out in the brick and tile area, livening up the mostly dull entrance. Among the features of the mural are a multitude of symbols for classes, sports, and career choices, ranging from a baseball to a movie reel, all the way to mascot of Oakville, the tiger.

“I think the mural looks fairly neat,” said Will Sommerhauser (12). “It’s just kinda something that showed up one day, but I think for new students coming in, they’ll see and go ‘oh that’s pretty cool, my middle school never had something like this.’”