Seniors bring their pets to school


Tad Bast

Students in Ms. Caton’s class show off their dogs.

On April 27, students walked into OHS and met a few furry surprises.

This year, the seniors organized a one of a kind prank, “Bring Your Pet to School Day”. On the half day, students brought all kinds of pets to school, from dogs and cats to peacocks and pythons. Students, teachers, and animals alike had fun as pets sat through lessons and ran around in classes.

“My dog was a fun and harmless way to prank the school.” said Morgan Zaske (12). “Everyone likes dogs.”

Hopefully, this huge success will become the newest OHS tradition.

Kerri Mcfarland (12) said, “The best part was my cadet block because my puppy just sat with me and followed me around while I ran errands.”