OHS replaces turf for first time in 11 years


Mehlville Schools Drone

Drone shot of the new OHS field.

Over the summer, Oakville High School replaced its football field with new turf for the 2018-2019 school year. The last time that the field surface was replaced was in 2007, so school district officials knew it was time for a change.

“First and foremost, technology and turf fiber and the chemistry they use to design it, improved by like 10,000 percent, just like everything else does,” says OHS athletic director Becky Czuppon. “It’s like how every year cars get safer and faster. So from the kind of turf we had, what we have now is just engineered better to last longer, and last longer against sun and heat damage.”

The construction for the new turf started the week of Memorial Day, and the entire process took about six weeks to complete. “The weather couldn’t have been better, it really went to plan,” Czuppon said.

Czuppon also said that the infill, while it’s still the rubber pellets, is also partially sand, and the research over the last 10-12 years has shown that having a better sand mix with infill reduces lower body extremity injuries.

In addition to Czuppon, the student-athletes really like the new field.  “The old turf was pretty messed up, the new one is really nice, and cushiony,” said football player Michael Kriegshauser (10). “They put sand it in too to make it feel better.”  

Along with the new turf, OHS has been getting a lot of upgrades in recent years. The track was resurfaced red this past summer and the gym floor was replaced the previous summer.

“School’s becoming a business and you have to invest in your business.” Czuppon said. “Thus we’re investing in our students and our community.”