Roedner places in Tech auto video contest


Photo Courtesy of Sam Roedner

Sam Roedner (12) paints the fender of a car in his video submitted to the Tech Auto Video Contest.

OHS student Sam Roedner (12) took third place in the Tech Auto Video Contest at South County Technical School.

Roedner is in his second year in the auto body program at South Tech. Using his experience in the program, he created a video demonstrating how to paint a fender, the frame of the wheel well of a car.

His efforts rewarded him with the third place prize of a t-shirt and $25 cash.

Roedner is more than happy to be a part of South Tech. “It’s one of my favorite high school decisions,” he said. “I have learned so much.”

Roedner plans to find a job in the auto body industry directly after graduating.