Fall play “Tinkerbell” shines on stage


Mary Becker

Isabella Wirthlin (11) talks to Ms. Melissa Harper about the design of the show.

The lights are up, the cast list is out, rehearsal has started, and students have begun bringing Neverland to life. The OHS Drama Department has started the rehearsal and production process for the fall play. 

Teachers Ms. Amy Learn and Ms. Melissa Harper lead a team of students, volunteers, and school community members to bring productions like this fall’s “Tinkerbell” to the OHS blackbox theater.  

“There is a whole lot of really cool things that we could do with this, and I have these big, giant ideas that I actually think we will be able to accomplish,” said Ms. Harper. 

Many new and exciting elements are being used in this year’s show, and both cast and crew are excited for new experiences. Of course, all of these elements are still in the works, but there have been talks of puppetry, interesting lighting, large set pieces, and possibly even flying effects. Learn said that the drama department wants to give students a variety of experiences and opportunities through the theater department. 

With opportunities in hair, makeup, costumes, set and paint, cast, and more, students can find a safe place where they can be creative and a part of a team. In addition, with varying types of productions and cast sizes depending on the show, students can find things that they are interested in and passionate about whether it be on stage or back stage. 

“I’m very excited to see how it all pays off, and so far it’s going pretty good, ” said Sienna McGilvery (9), who plays Captain Hook.  

With a cast including Brittany Kohne (12) as Peter Pan and Nora Ovchiyan (12) as Tinkerbell the November 13-15  production of Tinkerbell is sure to be magical.