New classes strike OHS


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Mr. Steven King looks through new classes offered here at OHS

Last November the Mehlville Board of Education approved 26 new high school classes for the 2020-2021 school year at OHS.

The students are selecting their classes for next year in the next two weeks. According to the guidance department, these classes provide more opportunities for students to pursue something that they are interested in. 

Senior and guidance counselor Steve King said, ”Things change, times change, and interest of students change. This is an opportunity for the students to try a course in possible career areas.” 

For next year’s high school students, they have an opportunity to take new classes that have never been offered at OHS before.

Mr. King says the departments have talked to their students and surveyed them about interest and tried to bring in classes based off that interest. 

“The reason why there is a big influx in new classes offered is because the department each year have a chance to revise their curriculum,” explained Mr. King. This is a way to make a more exciting environment for the students, he added.

The students will be able to select their 2020-2021 classes on Tyler SIS through Feb. 9.



Personal Fitness for Life

Advanced Aquatics

Basic Aquatics

Advanced Woodworking 

Advanced and Outdoor Pursuits

Athletic Conditioning


Visual Art:

Art Exploration

Mixed Media

Digital Art I

Digital Art II

Video Art

Art Exploration


Technology Education:

Advanced Metals

Drafting I

Drafting II


Family and Consumer Science:

Baking and Pastry

International Foods

Fashion Construction I

Fashion Construction II

Fashion Construction Studio

Fashion Merchandising



Explorations in Business and Marketing 


Marketing Business Internship:

Microsoft Technology I

Microsoft Technology II



Intermediate Acting

Stagecraft II

The Stage

Musical Theatre


Caps Program:

Teaching Careers in Education