OHS wind symphony prepares for Truman trip


Emily Merritt Photo

Scott Bellovich (10,) Ben Lanier (11) and Colin Akers (12) prepare for their band trip to Truman. The band will be going Feb. 27-28 for a workshop.

For many years the OHS band program has had clinicians such as members from the University of Missouri come in to work on music and instrument specific issues to help improve the program. 

This year, though, the OHS wind symphony is going on a short trip, Feb. 27-28 to Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri for a clinic.

 Here, the wind symphony will be able to showcase their abilities in front of collegiate music professors, have one on one time with a professor to specifically work on their instrument and competition music, and to interact with the college students in a non-intimidating environment.

Truman State has been doing this event for the past four years. This year the wind symphony was the only program selected in the state to participate.

According to Mr. Theron Perkowski, one of the OHS band directors, this process is based upon “The prestige of the program and school connection.”

Not only will the wind symphony be performing for the Truman State band director and splitting up for sectionals with various professors, but they also will be participating in a Truman Wind symphony rehearsal.

“They will be sitting next to college kids, so it’ll go Truman kid, Oakville kid, Truman kid and so on,” Mr. Perkowski said of the rehearsal. “This way they can experience what a rehearsal would be like in college.”

The last thing the Wind symphony will be doing on this trip before leaving is having an ice cream social with the college students.

Curtis Halbrook, an alumnus of the OHS band program and now sophomore at Truman State, said “The Ice cream social is supposed to be a way for the high schoolers to interact with us college students in a non academic setting and more of a social one.”