Despite restrictions, students perform in Oakville’s Got Talent


Olivia Wolff

After singing the song “Loud and Heavy,” Gavin Sandvoss (11) was the winner in the high school competition.

Even with the many restrictions the event required due to the COVID pandemic, OHS was still able to host Oakville’s Got Talent on Feb. 12 at Nottelmann Auditorium.

Ms. Ruth Carter, assistant choir director at OHS; Dr. Laurie Tretter-Larkin, the fine arts director for the Mehlville School District; and many others still wanted to make this event happen. By the process of creating seating charts for the family members and procedures for the event, they were able to stay within the guidelines for students to be given the chance to perform.

“At the end of the day, we weren’t as able to do as much as we normally do, but the whole point was to give the students an opportunity to perform with a small audience,” said Carter, who noted that capacity for the event was capped at 75.

Whether that be singing, dancing, or playing an instrument, each student was able to express their talents for an audience.

“Performance is a way for humans to interact and create something real,” said Carter. “Nowadays with COVID that is something we are all lacking and fulfills us whenever we do get the opportunity during these times.”

Singing the song “Loud and Heavy” by Cody Jinks, Gavin Sandvoss (11) won the high school competition with his great performance. Ella Strickland (12), who sang and played the guitar, came in second.

Sandvoss had won both people’s choice and judges’ choice in middle school, but going into high school he was having no luck due to his voice changing and making it difficult to find out what his actual range was.

“I am finally at the point where I kinda know where I am going with my voice and what I wanna do,” said Sandvoss. “I am really happy with how I performed tonight.”


The middle school winners for Oakville’s Got Talent:

Middle School 1st: Emery Nelson 

Middle School 2nd: Huda Hamadallah