FBLA, DECA students win numerous awards


Photo credit by Hailey Veninga

FBLA state qualifiers pose for picture with their medals.

Congratulations to those business students who participated in and received an award in the recent FBLA Districts competition District Leadership Conference. FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and DECA are clubs for people who are interested in going into business in the future. For FBLA, you have to have taken a business class already. For DECA, you have to currently be in a marketing class or in a class taught by Carroll, Darby or Eyre. 

“We did a sales presentation. We sold a pen—we just had to sell something and our object that we chose was a pen…” Brenden Pauls (12) said. “You have to have a lot of knowledge on the topic. You can talk to your group or partners and coordinate a plan…”

This year the competition was virtual. DECA and FBLA gathered in the library and everyone had to record a video for their competition and submit a link for the judges. The top five in each category for districts get to go to state. FBLA had a time that they had to be on the Zoom meeting with the judges to do their presentations. The top five in multiple choice tests get to go to state and top one to two, depending on the category, get to go to state. 

FBLA is a useful club to join if students are looking for experience with business in future careers. The meetings are usually planned for once a month. 

“We go over the types of events that we sign people up for. We did a raffle at one meeting. We hand out awards and medals for districts,” club president Eva Beidle (12) said. 

When competition time comes around, participants get to choose either a project and/or a test to complete and are judged by real judges. 

“I did social media strategies as a project with a group, and then I took the organizational leadership and the journalism tests, but there’s categories,” Beidle said. “Basically any business thing you would want to cover, so accounting, law, communication, marketing, sports, hotel dining, there is a ton.”

For these students, the business program gives them the opportunity to learn how to network with strangers, get more business experience and take more responsibility. 

“I like that it puts you in a real-world situation, so then when anyone goes out into the real world, you kind of know what you’re doing because it is kind of supposed to be like a simulation, and it’s also fun to work with your friends,” Beidle said. “I think it’s really good for career experience, and it makes you proud of yourself and feel really accomplished.” 

In preparation for the FBLA competitions and tests, there are many steps students can take. These include studying for the topics of the test, making or doing quizlets that the instructor, Carroll, hands out, working and communicating with your group for a project, and continuing to practice. 

“I enjoy FBLA because it is a really fun atmosphere, and it really helps you…” Natalie Baker (11) said. “You would never think you would actually like business until you join the club and then you have so much fun

For students involved in FBLA, it’s not just about preparing for their futures, but the enjoyment they get while involved in the club.

“You should join. It sounds like it’s going to be the most boring club ever. But honestly, we really don’t meet that often. You get so much out of it,” Baker said. “You don’t even realize that you’re learning, but you learn so much about the world, business and how to talk to people.”