OHS Vs. MHS: OHS Homecoming compared to MHS Homecoming

With Mehlville hosting it’s homecoming a full month after OHS’s, many people were wondering which was better. I attended both with OHS’s on Sept. 9 and MHS’s being on Oct. 8.

OHS’s theme was “Candy Land” while MHS’s theme was “Happily Ever After.” OHS had way more decorations with various items scattered all over. MHS had very few decorations, but was buzzing with people. It’s crazy the difference in the attendance of the two dances. MHS seemed like it had double the attendance that OHS received. Even OHS students went to MHS’s Homecoming, because it was such a great difference in timing. With it being a whole month apart, more OHS students found the time to recover from the last homecoming to attend MHS’s.

“I had an awesome time, but I’m white, tall, and lengthy which makes it hard for me to ‘break it down’ so other than slow dancing, I wasn’t much of a dancer, but other than trying to dance, I had a great time!” said Greg Vanderplume (11), an OHS student that attended the MHS homecoming.

The same music was played and all the same dances were danced, but there was a significant difference in the two dances. More attendance at MHS’s; more decorations at OHS’s. They both could use a little improvement. I was not too impressed with either.

The King and Queen of the MHS Homecoming was Brent and Rachel Pearson. They are brother and sister and also have two other siblings the same age making them quadruplets.

“I thought it was really cool how the quadruplets won, but I didn’t have that great of a time,” said Veronica Colvin (11), MHS student.

If OHS students could put more enthusiasm into their own homecoming, I’m sure many more students would enjoy going to homecoming. More enthusiasm would create more of a ruckus in our school spirit, but for MHS’s homecoming, if you didn’t go with a ton of your people, then you probably wouldn’t have had the best night of your life. Maybe next year both homecomings can learn a few pointers from each other.