Fight at the Pep Assembly

Monday, February 6th. All was well in Gym A during the pep assembly, until an argument started in the junior section. Within seconds, everyone was up and cheering.
Is this how we want to be represented? As kids who start fights, and kids who make no attempt to keep the peace?
Even worse, we had guests. Now, they will expect that kind of behavior every time they enter our house.
I vaguely understand the fascination of girls fighting, but should we not be a bit more mature than that at this age?
Kudos to the administrators for acting so quickly. It could have been even quicker if students had spoken up.
The whole situation could have been avoided. The students could have moved, they could have just ignored each other.
Where do we expect to get in life with immature behavior, such as fighting? You will go much farther with keeping the peace and showing good leadership qualities.
Quite frankly, I am embarrassed for the girls, and our school. Hopefully next time, we will learn from our mistakes.