Sloppy tigers invade the OHS parking lot

Sloppy tigers invade the OHS parking lot

Back in August, Principal Jan Kellerman adopted a new motto here at OHS.  She refers to OHS as “Our House.”

With this motto, she has set the bar on how we should be taking pride in our school, inside and out.

It is now February, and this motto seems to be failing for some.  Why you ask?  Well, when I walk across the street to get school, I go through the top north parking lot.  I have noticed a lot of trash being left from students in the morning.  From Gatorade bottles to wrappers from McDonalds, this seems to be a recurring thing.  If I see a piece of trash near me, I will take the liberty of picking it up, and throw it away.

When did it become so hard to simply take your trash out of your car, and place it in one of the many trash cans around OHS?

This simply does not stop at a parking lot.  Trash is being left at lunches, in the hallways, and even some classrooms.  Kellerman as made numerous announcements telling the students they need to start picking up their trash. For the most part, the missed place trash in the school has been decreasing. All that needs to be cleaned up now is the parking lot trash, so that we can keep it clean.

It is time to start taking pride in our school, and do what others will not.  If you see a piece of trash anywhere, take the liberty to pick it up and throw it away.