Senioritis hits seniors again

Every year, infamous senioritis strikes high school seniors. After completing years of education, many seniors are ready to be finished with the K-12 program.
In every classroom containing seniors, teachers can be heard encouraging students to “finish strong.” Many students feel as though they can slack and not worry about grades because they have already been accepted into college. However, it is important to remember that colleges can revoke their acceptance if the student does not maintain good academic standing.
This being said, the relief seniors are experiencing is well earned. After spending much of their lives in the K-12 system, students are more than prepared to venture out into the real world and begin following a career path that interests them.
Looking back at everything they have done in the past four years, most seniors are  content with their experiences and time spent at OHS.

“I have spent four years here, and the only thing that makes me sad is the years that underclassmen still have to put in,” Ben Duran (12) said, implying that he was excited to be progressing into the next phase of his life.

Every year, OHS turns a successful senior class that is ready to take on life out into reality, and there is no doubt that the graduating class of 2012 will live up to this status.