High School Pride becomes a rollercoaster

People say that to make it through high school, you have to get involved.   A main way of getting involved can be just be having school spirit.

Friday night football games make up most of my freshman and sophomore year memoires.  It was always the place to be on a friday night.  I can remember all the seniors in the stands going crazy when a touchdown was made, and outraged when a bad call was made against our team.  But either way, it was always a wonderful time, because not only was their school support, their was town support.  Seeing how involved people were at the games made me want to get involved.
Come sophomore year, I was excited to have the incoming freshman look up at my class, and get the same feeling I did.  As the first football game of the season approached, I noticed a lack of excitement.  My peers had been saying that they did not want to go because they knew we would lose the game.  People tried bringing me down about having pride.  So for some time, I was acting just like them, until realizing that having school spirit, and going crazy at games was fun.

Since that moment I have always tried to bring school spirit to the people around me. It does not matter if the team you are supporting wins or loses, what matters is the support you bring to the team.

High school only last four years, and you can choose to either love it or hate it.  But if you choose to hate, try not to bring the other people around you down about having pride in the place you stay for four years.