Abercromibe and Fitch needs a reality check

This week the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch came out saying that they do not sell large sizes because that is not part of their image. They also revealed that when clothing gets misprinted or damaged that instead of giving it to the homeless like many other companies do, they burn it.

It is so sad that a company is so worried about their image that they cannot help out those less fortunate. In middle school, everyone had to be the cool kid by wearing clothes from A&F. I am sad to say that I purchased one item from the company to try to fit in. Their advertising scheme is also ridiculous. Who advertises for clothes with no clothes on their models? The better question is why do we, the consumers, let it happen. The whole persona and goal of the company is awful. I know there are many other companies in America who do awful things, but at least we know about this one. With this knowledge the consumers should act.

One man is starting a movement called “Fitch the Homeless,” where he is encouraging people to go to thrift stores, buy A&F products then give them to the homeless. So if you can, participate or just spread the word. It is the responsibility of the consumers to show this company that what they are doing is wrong. If you want to check out the video go to youtube and type in Fitch the Homeless. This guy has a pretty cool thing going for him.