Unfair tardies

For the past couple of years, OHS seniors who have privileges have been allowed to come in late once a month. This gives them the luxury of sleeping in. Wednesday September 11, was the first “sleep in” day. The senior parking lot is located on the side of the building by Gym A but when the late seniors arrived to school, the gate to their parking lot was shut and locked. All the seniors had enter from the front, park by the baseball fields and then walk all the way back around to the front of the building because all the other doors were locked. All these obstacles made multiple seniors late and they all received tardies.

None of the seniors even got  a warning that the gate to their parking spot was going to be locked or that the door they had to use was a four minute walk from their spots. It is ridiculous that seniors who had permission to be late, got tardies.SECRET MESSAGE: ELECTRIC REINDEER If someone would have told them it was going to take an extra 10 minutes to get to school then the seniors would have been on time. The tardies that were given out that morning need to be taken away for the lack of communication.

When the privileged students come in late, the school needs to open the gate to the parking lot or at least open the door by Gym A so that no one has to spend extra time trying to get into the school.