Privileged students shock OHS in a negative way

There have been some complaints going around OHS about “privileged kids.” There is a possibility that in the near future, the beloved privileges we all know and love may not exist anymore.

On Nov. 5 during ANP there were meetings held in the gym for students with privileges. Teachers on the committee that came up with the privilege program expressed their disappointment with the way the program is going.

Some of the teachers have voiced complaints of privileged students no picking up after themselves, not displaying their lanyard, being disrespectful to staff, selling lanyards to underclassmen, and more or less thinking that just because they wear a special lanyard, they are entitled to everything.

Why there would even be this many complaints is my question, these students are one of the groups who are supposed to be the “stellar students” in OHS, and there definitely should not be this many issues.

Now, picking up trash, is this really that difficult? I mean, yeah, if someones in a hurry they could possibly forget, but other people have to see it. All it takes is just throwing it in a trashcan near by.

Secondly, displaying a lanyard… it’s a lanyard, not a chain. The only thing you have to do is just put it around your neck so teachers know who you are! What’s worse, wearing a lanyard or being stopped every 5 minutes and being asked about your lanyard?

One of the other problems is disrespectfulness; yes, the stellar students of OHS are being accused of being disrespectful. Now something about that doesn’t seem right. Respectfulness should come naturally, especially to seniors. All that’s needed to be done is to just treat other how you’d want to be treated, nothing too complicated.

Also, students have been selling lanyards to underclassmen. After a student graduates, I could see how this would just be an easy way to help a younger student out who may have only been one point away. But receiving a lanyard comes with hard work and a lot of involvement. They are not just given out, they are definitely earned. I would think students would not want to give away their hard work, but that’s just me.

All of the complaints that have come through are things that really just should not be a problem. Of course not all the privileged students are doing these things, it could be just people, but this still falls on the group as a whole. It would be a shame to see these privileges that were worked so hard for to be taken away just because of nonsense like this.