Students grumbling over new vending machine policy

Recently here at OHS, the vending machines in the commons have started being turned off from the start of school at 7:20 until 10:20. For students who rely on these vending machines for a snack, this is an unfavorable change.

When students were asked how they felt about the vending machines being locked for three hours many were furious. Lamayaa Howard (12) said “It’s really annoying because I want my animal crackers in the morning.”

However, there is a reason behind this new policy. The vending machines are locked because they are a distraction to students during ANP. ANP is for kids to get their work done, however, often students decide to use hall passes and blue passes to go to the vending machines.

Also, another reason is because it is supposed to keep kids healthy, but how is it doing this when the machines are filled with Hershey’s Bars, Kit Kats, and other unhealthy items?

P.E. teacher Cindy Maulin stated “I don’t it’s a bad idea to have the vending machines closed, kids don’t need all of that junk, and plus it is just a distraction. When they are closed it is one less thing that is distracting to our students.”