Swiping snacks

Around OHS, stealing has been rising this year, and one of the most popular places to steal seems to be in the cafeteria.

Students have witnessed several accounts of stealing in the cafeteria involving the food and drink that is presented at the beginning of the lunch line. According to these accounts, students have been taking juice, cookies, and chips, and putting the items in their pockets or bags and taking it back to their friends.

Students have no right to do that, and if you are going to steal something that is only sixty or so cents, then you need to think some things over. I bet you could find sixty cents around you home and actually pay for it instead of taking it. If we are to be shown respect in OHS, we need to present the respect to the staff and the lunch ladies.

“I think stealing is not right,” Shaylisa Crawford (11) said. “ You should pay for what you want and not take what isn’t yours if you can’t buy it in the first place.”

Think about it: what if you got stolen from? The lunch ladies work very hard to get food out to students, and it does not help if you are stealing their hard work from them. If someone stole from you, you would most likely be infuriated and angry, and you would want justice from the person that stole your item. The rules should be a bit more enforced in the lunch line if we do not stop this stealing problem. Next time you are thinking about stealing, think about the consequences of what would happen and prove your integrity towards others that you are the better person.