Miley Cyrus twerks her way into the headlines

Recently Miley Cyrus has been amusing and shocking the world in many ways. Her new look along with her risky performance at the VMA’s have given her a new name, as well as a new reputation. Instead of fans knowing Miley as Hannah Montana, or a sweet innocent girl from the South, they now know her as a twerker and a girl who can’t keep her tongue in her mouth.

Miley shocked her fans and the media in May of 2013 when she cut her hair short and dyed it platinum blonde. After fans and media got used to this new look Miley once again changed it up. Her most recent fashion statement was to dye her eyebrows blonde. One thing is for sure, she definitely has kept it interesting lately.

Miley’s performance at the VMA’s definitely added to her new identity as well. Who knew their innocent Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) would perform in such a way. Miley’s performance with Robin Thicke was definitely one everyone will remember.

For days and days after the VMA’s, the main thing that was talking about was Miley. People wondering why, when, how, and what made her change so drastically. Apparently, she is just being herself. But is this really the case?

I mean yeah, maybe this is just the real Miley Cyrus coming out of her shell and becoming her own person, which is great and all, but I think it may be a little extreme.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Miley and her music, but I do believe she has taken it a little too far. I feel as if Miley’s extreme acts lately are more for attention and fame as opposed to her “being her own person.” Nowadays, one can not really be successful in this world without being different.

One of my only complaints with how Miley has been acting is how she influences young girls who looked up to her as their role model. The wrong messages are being sent to these young children and they really can not determine what’s right and what is not. In her defence, Miley is not a little girl anymore, she is a 21 year old women who is allowed to make her own decisions.

I look forward to Miley going on tour and coming to St. Louis along with her continuing to make new music.