Holiday Horrors: Having homework over winter break

Holiday Break for students usually means two weeks of getting and giving gifts, drinking hot chocolate, snuggling by the fire, and sleeping for twelve straight hours. Unfortunately for some, this is not really possible. It seems that more and more students are having to spend parts of their break focusing on homework, the last thing they want to think about when they are supposed to be relaxing.
After finals, students just want to throw their papers away and forget all about the massive amounts of homework that the teachers give them. They want to have two weeks of relaxing and worrying about anything other than school. Homework over break should be nonexistent, as some teachers must feel the need to never let their students have any sort of downtime from school.
I understand that teachers do not want their students to forget what they learned over break, but is two weeks really going to do that much damage? I do agree that there should be some homework in the summer because it is for a much more extended period, but after the stress studying of finals and the five page study guides, students should have a rest during the Winter Break. Homework is something that a student should not worry about over our break time, as it is a time to be with your family and friends.
“I had to read a book for AP US [History],” Rachel Murvihill (11) said. “I think a little [homework] is good to keep your mind active, but too much would defeat the purpose of winter break.”
The students who usually do have homework are the ones in Honors or AP classes. Even though those students work extremely hard to take the time to do extra homework every night and have tests that are harder than usual, they are still required to have homework over the break. It is unfair to them the most, as they already put in extra effort to get a good grade in those challenging classes.
Giving students homework over break is unfair to any student especially students who already work very hard to earn a good grade. It is always good to give students a break from school, and if you give them homework every day and during break, then you are overworking them. Let them relax and enjoy the holidays instead of letting them stress about school.