All or nothing

The Golden Girls have a fundraiser they do that provides a banner for any senior who wants one, but most commonly for athletes. Just recently, the spring banners were hung up and many people have complaints.

Compared to the other seasons, which are very vibrant and well put together, the spring banners are very poor quality. The colors are faded and not edited. Some of the people are not centered. Also, a last name was even spelled wrong. Ryan Killoren’s(12) last name was spelt as ‘Killoven.’

“Bottom line, I’m upset. I only have one banner and my name’s not even spelled right,” Killoren exclaimed.

Aside from the banners being poor quality, they are only being displayed for the last month of school, and many sports are already finished with their regular season.

Another minor complaint is that the baseball boys banners are not even facing towards the middle of the commons. They are only visible when you walk through the front doors.

If you’re not going to do the job right, then why do it at all?