ACT Fails The Test, Scored Delayed

Tons of people will tell you, the only thing worse than taking the ACT test is waiting for the results. If you are a senior this year, you are most likely applying for colleges this fall. I was not sure the process could get much more stressful until I went to my classes disappointed and sleep deprived.

As I was tossing and turning in bed, the ACT’s Official Twitter announced that scores would begin being posted at 12am. 12am came, the scores did not. Tired and grumpy I woke up for school and I checked my score again, no dice. I refreshed my twitter feed, and the ACT was trending nationally. Tons of students stayed up to see their scores and no one had received their results.

Whenever the ACT media representative woke up in the morning, the only people that had it worse than him were the people trying to fix the “technical difficulties” that were announced at 11 that morning. Some people got even worse news, as some test booklets from California were lost in transit and were unaccounted for.

If you are anything like me, applying for colleges has been a bit stressful. A one point difference on the ACT score could be worth more than $100,000 in tuition assistance. The ACT should of taken proper action in announcing the “technical difficulties” after they realized there was a problem. The ACT officials should have given everyone fair warning.